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Working from Home? Is Your dog Missing its Friends and Getting a Little bit Chubby?

With so many people now working from home, vets have started to notice a gain in dog weight. Although, like me, I'm sure you take your dog for a lovely walk each day, there's an enormous difference in the quality of exercise she's receiving alone with me vs walking with a gang of friends.

One of the major benefits offered by professional dog walkers (aside from me being able to get a few minutes peace and quiet) is the fun our dogs have with their friends. Socialisation has become a major issue for dog owners with the COVID 19 pandemic. Initially, we were concerned that dogs could catch the disease. Can anyone blame us for protecting them by keeping them at home? But, now we know it's impossible, getting them back out and socialised is critical not just to their happiness, but also their fitness.

Let's be honest, my dog may love chasing the ball, but on her own, she'll maybe give it a go 5-6 times before becoming bored. She'll be stuck by my side like glue, plodding next to me like a loyal guardian. But I've seen her with her dog walking buddies, chasing them round and round fields and the woods, racing for the ball for a solid hour because she's just as competitive as me and wants to win the race.

It was a big decision to send her back to the dog walker. Like everyone else I weighed up the risk and the cost, but in the end the extra savings just paled into insignificance when I saw her delight at the return of walker and friends.

I'm still being paid, but the loss of just 2-3 dogs can make a huge difference to dog walkers. The government is encouraging us to return to the office, but if we don't support our local dog walkers, we may find they aren't there when we need them let your dog have fun, and support our local economy.

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