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Puppy University

The grooming environment is extremely daunting and scary for puppies. The equipment we use is powerful, large, noisy and very sharp.

My Puppy University programme very gently introduces your dog to the process in a step by step manner and provides you with the knowledge to look after its coat at home. We would typically recommend commencing the programme at 16 weeks, however timings can be adjusted to suit your individual requirements.

Session 1
(1 hour)

121 with Elissa - during this session we will discuss basic anatomy, skin structure and the process of managing your dog's fur. The objective is to ensure you have the right tools and techniques to keep your dog's coat mat free and avoid the dreaded 'shave off'. I will also share exercises you can practice at home to teach your dog appropriate table manners.

Session 2

(45 minutes)

Your puppy will be very gently introduced to the bath and hair dryers we use in the studio. Using positive reinforcement we will gradually build the velocity of the dryers until your puppy is comfortable with the dreaded blaster

Sessions 3 & 4

(1 hour)

The first'll bring home a sweet smelling little one that will be fluffed to perfection. During these sessions we will clip nails, clean ears, carry out a hygiene clip and pad and eye tidy. The work in session 2 to introduce your puppy to the equipment will also be reinforced.

Session 5

(2 hours)

The big one...time for the full groom. This typically takes place when your puppy is approximately 6 months of age. Your puppy will be bathed, dried, ears cleaned, hygiene clip, nails trimmed, pads tidied and the fur will be cut for the first time. This first groom is about getting all the way through the process with as little stress as possible for both you and your puppy but this can be as big a change for you as for them, so I promise I'll be gentle!!

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